Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I hate rabbits

This He-Man cartoon overdubbed with dialogue from "Gummo" is making me laugh pretty hard tonight.


Dr. Mystery said...

I just watched the rest of this guy's short films on his website, and they're all terrible. This is the only funny one. I think the problem is that he hates Larry David and loves "Napoleon Dynamite."

Anonymous said...

It's weird that I was just watching these two nights ago, and I never bother with this sort of shit.

The Hall of Evil, or whoever the fuck it was that fought the superfriends, doing Resevoir Dogs was marginally entertaining--just because you begin to see facial resemblences between Michael Madsen and Mr. Freeze. (And why we are all programmed to think a cavalcade of evi-doers with semi-distinct personalities is so bad-assed.) The Lebowski one was utterly retarded. In other news, I ate a pizza last night that tasted not so vaguely of diarrhea and freshly baked menses.