Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Aw, raspberries!

Fuck! I just got my second jury summons in a year. This would have made me exempt, but I never had to serve last time. I ended up being an alternate who was never used. I guess if I get picked this time, it will be the first money I've earned in several fortnights. Maybe I'll just tell them I hate the Chinese* and men in gray suits and I refuse to serve unless a bowl of Cap'n Crunch is delivered to my home every Wednesday afternoon. That should work.

*It's actually the Taiwanese I hate.


Air Wolf said...

Jury duty sounds great! Free meals and the power to destroy a life, what could be better! What?

carrie said...

jenn just got one tuesday too! maybe you can be on the same jury :)

Anonymous said...

I'm signed up for 1/9. What about you? Jenn