Sunday, December 09, 2012

A song for every year of my life #25: 2001

YouTube failed me. My choice for 2001 was going to be The Dirtbombs' beautifully fierce cover of a Phil Lynott solo jam called "Ode to a Black Man," but the only versions on the site are poor quality live takes recorded from a phone. Fortunately, the rest of that ridiculously great soul covers album, Ultraglide in Black, is on YouTube, so here's "If You Can Want," a worthy substitute.

Alternate choice:
Oneida - "All Arounder"
I think Oneida is one of the four or five best bands of the last fifteen years. They do not stagnate. They do not care about alienating their fans. They will never stop moving. Their body of work makes me vomit with envy, awe, terror, and pleasure.