Sunday, December 11, 2005

Fuck (remix)


Fuck it, everybody.


Merry Christmas!


CB said...

as a persistent vistor of this site i am here to express some concern i hope you are well i really enjoy your blog. good luck with everything and don't die

Dr. Mystery said...

Dearest CB,
Are you someone I know in the non-blogosphere world we call the world? I'm having trouble connecting your initials to people I know, but I'm unable to try very hard because I'm full of several intoxicating liqueurs. It's a Sunday night tradition. As soon as my wife goes to bed, I make myself a succession of drinks, put on some music, and read reviews of the movies I've watched during the week. It's a good time. However, that is neither here nor there. I appreciate your concern, but this is not a suicide note. It is merely an expression of holiday goodwill. Life can be oppressively brutal at times, but it has an excellent habit of changing when you least expect it. I want to be around for these changes. Death is something we can't escape, and, for all we know, permanent. It will happen eventually. Until it gets its sexy hands on me the natural way, I will live. There are many hoagies yet to eat.

kristykay said...

You must have had a crazy drink exploration last night because not only were there the two empty beers that I left you, but two cocktail glasses, an empty tonic bottle, an empty club soda bottle and a tablespoon and a half a teaspoon in the sink. I don't know what you were concocting in there, but I'm glad you didn't blow anything up.

And no hoagies for you, Cliff.

CB said...

hhahahaha i don't know you but i am glad you are ok and not going insane or anything

Anonymous said...

isn't he? isn't he? CB clearly means clitoris of the bicep.

casual ninja said...

fuck! merry christmas, there it is!