Thursday, April 20, 2006

Taken verbatim from another sociology textbook

I was proofreading more sociology today. I stopped to read a few paragraphs when I got bored. I swear to god I did not make this up:


"Dude" is used to indicate a "cool solidarity," an effortless interaction with other men. The many uses of dude include:
a greeting -- What's up, dude?
an exclamation -- Dude!
to one-up someone -- That's lame, dude.


Air Wolf said...

I've been using the word, "buttshit" to indicate a "cool solidarity"

"What's up, buttshit?"

Anonymous said...

So, buttshits, do we write the "Snakes on a Plane" entry now or wait 20 years until no one remembers what the hell it meant anyway?

Anonymous said...

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Dr. Mystery said...

Hey, anonymous, how could you even read a textbook? You could probably read a sociology textbook, I'll grant you that much, but any other textbook? No fucking way.

Air Wolf said...

how did anonymous beat the robot blocker? Are the robots learning?