Monday, April 17, 2006

Ric Flair goes apeshit

Maybe some of you out there are tired of these professional wrestling posts. I wish I was tired of them. However, as long as new Ric Flair footage continues to be posted on You Tube, I will be unable to refrain from sharing them with the people. Okay, I will spare you his pro-George W. Bush speech, but I have to pass along yet another Ric Flair interview masterpiece. Unfortunately, there are no trademark "Whooos," but you do get to see him cry, scream obscenities, and generally go into a fugue state of maniacal intensity.


Air Wolf said...

Why do wrestling dramas seem more real than political ones?

Bartleby said...

Speaking nothing of Ric Flair, I took the Josh dance international last week at my conference. The french find it hilarious and promised to export it back in their homeland. Unfortunately, frencie just email me to let me now that the continent is "not ready for that...uh...dancing." No matter: it makes people laugh. What the hell else could you want. Woo!!

Dr. Mystery said...

Yes! Thank you for spreading the Josh dance internationally. Have you seen the Orson Welles wine commercial outtakes where he's tanked and irritable and he's supposed to say the line, "Ah, the French." Instead, he says, "Aaaaaaaaah uh aaah, the Freeeeench." It's great. They're way behind over there. How did the Canadians take it? I bet Canadians are ready for my dance.