Friday, April 14, 2006

Most of the Von Erichs are dead

I loved professional wrestling as a child. I watched it as often as possible. Though I have no interest in the cult of celebrity, I am obsessed with celebrity death, particularly cause of death. I even subscribe to an Internet service that e-mails me whenever a celebrity dies. And, for the past six years, I have lived in Texas. These disparate strands of Dr. Mystery's life converge at a demonic crossroads known as the Von Erich family. If Shakespeare were forced to write a tragedy about a family of Texas professional wrestlers, he would have invented the Von Erichs. Denton County wrestling legend Fritz Von Erich and his wife Doris had six sons: Jack, Kevin, Kerry, David, Mike, and Chris. Kevin is the only one left. Jack was electrocuted, David died from an intestinal disorder, and Mike, Chris, and Kerry committed suicide. Later, Fritz and Doris divorced. Then they died. Thanks to the glory of You Tube, my search for a Jean-Luc Godard short film somehow led me to a seven-part history/parody of the Von Erich family's tragic story (don't forget publicity gimmick/fake "cousin" Lance Von Erich), and I was reminded of the many years spent watching the Von Erichs on World Class Wrestling when I was a kid. Here are all seven links to this idiosyncratic, tragic, hilarious, sometimes cringingly tasteless film (complete with hilariously fabricated quotes from the dead brothers and father). Here's to you, Von Erichs. Heaven needed a champion.

P.S. Tomorrow is the final day to enter the caption contest. Winner will be announced Sunday morning.

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Air Wolf said...

These were great. Is someplace they can be downloaded as one piece?