Saturday, February 18, 2006

TV is sometimes good

I just saw the most wonderful episode of "Cops" I've ever seen, and I am proud to report it took place outside of Austin. These two massively burned out potheads/acidheads had their home vandalized by a homeless man they'd invited to "live with them and be free." These guys were geniuses. Imagine what would happen if two Jimmy Buffett fans discovered crack. Imagine the comedy gold. The funniest guy in particular was incoherently explaining to the policeman how he found the homeless man in his bed one day, and, out of nowhere, broke into a Joe Cocker-esque original song. The policeman asked him if he wrote the song. The guy answered in the affirmative. Then the policeman asked him if he knew the homeless man's name. The guy yells out to his roommate, "Jay! What's the name of the other Jay?" The roommate walks in and answers: "Jay." "Jay what?" the cop asks. They don't know, but they do know he liked to smoke lots and lots of pot. "Why would he trash your house?" the cop asks. Roommate says, "He wanted to smoke way more drugs than us and he wanted us to give him some money." Funniest guy stares at the roommate in wonderment and says: "That is an incredible synopsis." Then the police dust the place for prints. The roommates crack open some beers and watch the police like they're watching their favorite movie, big grins on their faces. Roommate says: "That is some great police work." God bless those guys. Thank you, TV!


Joolie said...

Oh, dammit, we must've just missed that! We only got to see the one where the cop completely shreds the drywall in some woman's closet in pursuit of a garden snake.

Air Wolf said...

Have you ever seen the police footage of a drunk driver named sea-bass who thanks the cop for doing more him than what his friend "catfish" would ever do?
Pure T.V. Goodness.