Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I got a job

Unemployment is over. The 14 1/2-month odyssey of no job has been defeated. My faith in the three-day-a-week freelance gig was shaken when they were only able to give me six hours of work in two weeks, not the 48 hours that had been promised. Though a six-hour work schedule is highly agreeable to my temperament and lifestyle, it is not very lucrative. My new job is not very lucrative either, but it is lucrative enough to live as a man again, and seems to be a welcoming environment that could lead to better things. I am no longer Mrs. Mystery's kept man. I won't talk much about my new job, just in case someone from the place finds their way here. I start Monday. Until then, I will have one last week of living the dream. I will continue to stay up until 4 a.m., sleep until noon, and do whatever the shit I want to do for six more days.

"My fellow Americans! Lady Americans! This is James Brown." -- James Brown, "King Heroin"


milk and cake said...


ahem, i meant, good job. welcome back. enjoy your last week of sweet sweet freedom.

Bartleby said...

Tell me that by "job" you mean that someone has bought the rights to the faceplant blog.


Joolie said...

Yeehaw, Dr. Mystery!

kristykay said...

Just because you have a job doesn't mean you aren't my kept man, Dr. M.

casual ninja said...

with one of your free days, watch 2 episodes of maury povich. take notes on who the babies' daddies are. get back to me.