Sunday, February 19, 2006

The decline of western sentence completion

Any time is a good time for a re-viewing of The Decline of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years, but my favorite moment this time around was the segment at the Cathouse club. The prototypical metalhead Valley Girl is interviewed, and the interview is an absolute delight. The contents of this woman's brain consist solely of band names and twelve metal-related words and/or phrases. Not once does a verb follow a noun. She's asked if she comes to the Cathouse often. She replies: "Rock and roll! Metal! Party!" She's asked what the club means to her. She replies: "Faster Pussycat! Guns N' Roses! LA!" She also does this wonderful movement with her head while she talks in which she rolls it back on her neck at the beginning of a word and juts it forward at the end, dragging out the last vowel each time. What lucky man tamed her wild heart?


Air Wolf said...

This comment is unrelated. How cool can Achewood get? Did you see todays? Lordy, that is good cartooning.

Dr. Mystery said...

I just looked at it. Beautiful.

kristykay said...

Achewood! Rock and Roll! Ray! Party! Roast Beef! Great Outdoor Fight! Guns and Roses! Son of Rodney!

[now read this comment out loud, making sure to do the head move. Party!]