Wednesday, February 15, 2006


This song makes me laugh. The video is slightly annoying because the dudes are trying to sell it too hard, but the song is comedy gold.

Additionally, I want to send a big heads up and gangs away to Team Wolf about a little movie called Full Moon High, directed by the mighty Larry Cohen, which is about a teenage werewolf and predates Teen Wolf by four years. Alan Arkin's son plays the teenage werewolf. Other members of the cast include Ed McMahon, as the ultra-right wing father of the werewolf, the guy who played Lamont on "Sanford & Son," the guy who played the coach on "Growing Pains" and "Just the Ten of Us," the guy who played Jeff's dad on "Curb Your Enthusiasm," Jim J. Bullock, and Alan Arkin as a psychiatrist whose methods consist solely of insulting his patients. My favorite line from the elder Arkin, after a suicidal patient jumps off a building, dragging a policeman with him: "What a couple of jerks." Rent this movie.

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archivaria said...

on "too close for comfort" jim j. bullock went by jm j. bullock, which mystified me as a kid. i loved that show, though. i was totally 8 when it came on, and i remember thinking he was gay, even then. like, i just knew what gay was, and i knew it was jm j. bullock. also, it worried my pitiful little mind that he didn't use a vowel in his first name, which he evidently sometimes does.