Monday, July 25, 2005

Potpourri of observations

Hello everyone. I like to pretend I'm a big man. I make it known around town that I have no use for the lower entertainments many of you commoners gawk at for hours upon years upon decades. I am a man of refined taste, culture, reputation and style. I'm drinking wine right now, for example. That being said, I have become addicted to the reality program, "Hell's Kitchen." It combines my newfound love of cooking with my age-old love of abusive tirades.

The mayor of Austin, Will Wynn (with a name like that, how could he lose?), has announced he is taking suggestions from anyone who wishes to e-mail him about how to celebrate Lance Armstrong's seventh Tour de France victory. I don't know Lance Armstrong, but I know this much. He would undoubtedly want me to have a high-paying, albeit surprisingly relaxing, job. This job should involve lots of screwing around, jacking around, screwing off, fucking off, pissing on it, and forgetting about it. I know this.

Take my wife, please.

But seriously, folks. My wife is great. It's these airline peanuts that burn me up. There are so few airline peanuts in a package of airline peanuts. Airline peanuts. Fuck.

This headline is a dream come true.

Please listen to lots of Silkworm, and remember how unfair this lottery of waking up every morning is. No one from the Barenaked Ladies has been killed. All the original members of Color Me Badd are still alive. Jeb Bush is still breathing in and out. Julia Roberts has been allowed to live. Thomas Kinkade talked shit about Picasso on "60 Minutes." Every host of "Entertainment Tonight," past and present, still exists. But we're still here, too. So fuck them. Do things you like with people you like as often as you can. One day, Conor Oberst will die. This gives me hope.


Air Wolf said...

Color me Badd. It's a good thing they are still alive, for just hearing their name made me laugh.
God bless those queers!

milk and cake said...

we need to put together a fund for sending thomas kinkade and chihuly to the MOON.

and when conor oberst dies, i'll be dancing right along with you. in fact, i'll buy the first drink.

Bartleby said...

I just woke up to "Sussudio" by Phil Collins. Do you have any idea how much that blows?

Bartleby said...

"She don't even know my name-uh /
But I think she loves me just the same-uh /Sue-Sue-Sudio O-O-Oh"

carrie said...

i love hell's kitchen! i'm looking forward to next week because the last two episodes have been really light on the abuse. i have a feeling that michael (tattoo/borderline insane/creepy guy) and ralph (cocky guy from the block/my fiance is way cuter than me guy) are going to have some great fights. i think i even heard an 'f*** you!' in the preview. i just really hope there's some food throwing