Thursday, July 21, 2005

I'm a liar

I lied about being too old to feel a personal attachment to people in rock bands that I like. I'm really bummed out about this Michael Dahlquist thing. How could this guy be dead?

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Bartleby said...

The whole thing is super sad.

But maybe it will teach those Pitchfork twats something about life. After all, Silkworm loved playing and kept at it years after they were the momentary darlings of the underground press. Do you really think Bloc Party, Broken Social Scene, or anything on Saddle Creek will even still be playing three minutes past their last favorable write up in Spin (i.e., six minutes past their 26th birthdays).

I was just at that Intonation Fest thing, and, boy oh boy do I have some things to say, but right now I'm just going to listen to Firewater.