Thursday, July 14, 2005

Bust a birthday nut

Hello friends and enemies,
I turned 28 today. I've now lived longer than Kurt Cobain. Smells like teen longevity. Dr. Mystery 1, Kurt Cobain 0.

My job search is about as successful as the Donner Party. Speaking of eating flesh, my new goal is to forget about finding a job and find Austin's ten best sandwiches instead. The Statesman threw down the gauntlet (gantlet?) and had the hubris to proclaim the ten best sandwiches in town. I am going to eat all ten. I've already had the Italian godfather and the best egg salad in town. I will eat the remaining eight before the summer is over, cholesterol be damned. You have my word on that. Are they the ten best sandwiches in town? Who cares. Are they good sandwiches? Yes. I will eat them with pride. Civic pride.

Reading: The Turn of the Screw and Other Short Fiction by Henry James
Listening to: A bunch of mix CDs I made last week on shuffle - #1, #2, #3, #4 (#5 is a reggae compilation I haven't posted yet)
Farting: a lot


Air Wolf said...

Happy Birthday ya fruitcake!
Aye what do you say?
pieces? What the fuck you talking about? Pounds baby! Pounds!

Jerky boys make the best birthdays. The best sandwich since 1721 BC. can be found near the super dome in the Big Easy. They deep fry cheese burgers. They Deep Fry Cheese burgers. Say it twice and believe!

Dr. Mystery said...

Holy shit! I want to eat that cheeseburger just for the kill-everyone-twice factor. By everyone, I mean my heart.

Joolie said...

Happy birthday, Dr. Mystery! Eric was so excited this year when he'd finally kicked Cobain's and Jesus's asses!

Also try the sandwiches at Go-Go Gourmet, just south of the Crazy Lady on the east I-35 frontage road. They're a little too friendly for my comfort there and they skimp on the meat a little bit, but their sandwiches still pleased me greatly.

Krouchdog said...

Happy Buttday!
I was just curious how the Triple Italian meat bomb and other juice filled sandwiches From M&N Sandwich Shop, here in Lincoln, NE, stack up against the Austin lot.

Bartleby said...

Birthday nut...busted...late.

But still busted.