Thursday, July 09, 2009

Ridiculousness sticks to me like a magnet

13-hour drive yesterday + suppression of excess anger and confusion at the world and anyone who pressures you to aspire to a complacent middle class lifestyle and/or excessive consumer product purchasing + post-vacation depression + failure to re-acclimate to the brutal Texas heat after mild, beautiful Wisconsin weather + back to the office tomorrow + lack of quality sleep last night even though the quantity was there + no air conditioning in rock club + exhaustion + dehydration + three-fourths of the crowd leaving or playing with their phones during the show + bass drum pedal that kept falling off mid-song + drum set that partially collapsed during the penultimate song, which became the ultimate song + mild public meltdown + immediate feeling of embarrassment after mild public meltdown = Wednesday, July 8, 2009 in the life of Dr. Mystery. On the other side of the coin, I got free pizza. Suicide, you lost this round.


Spacebeer said...

Oddly enough, my day was almost exactly like that despite the fact that I don't play drums and didn't have any pizza.

Anonymous said...

as i get older i find it frustrating that banalities like "consumerism sucks" become truisms again. in other words, you start re-figuring out that your teenage self was right, it's just that confronting 10,000 of your teenage selves in college makes rightness embarrassing. the fact is, ideologically correct, self-righteous idiots are more annoying than perfectly nice, though fairly misguided, suburbanites. that's why the world rarely gets better: because jerks have a monopoly on better.