Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More great dead people, and the further adventures of the Hambegglar

He was back again today, working the street while I drove home from the job. The same sign warning all of his imminent need for hunger. This time, he was eating some pizza. I'm almost convinced the motherfucker's a performance artist.

As an amateur necrologist with both a love of celebrity (and semi-celebrity, and non-celebrity) death (and a constant dread of and fascination with my own eventual dirtnap) and a love of music, I would be remiss in paying tribute to the recent deaths of two of my favorite musicians: Flying Burrito Brothers pedal steel player and film animator, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, and Faust cofounder Uwe Boll. Smell you later, gentlemen.

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Krouchdog said...

Another important thing to remember about Sneaky Pete is that he was probably the only country musician to have a dinosaur as the major element in his or her wardrobe.