Wednesday, January 17, 2007

January caption contest winner

Hello everyone,
Thanks to all who entered and please enter again next month. This time, the winter cap has decided to award the compilation CD to Mary P. Congratulations, Mary P.!

Great Nor'easter HQ
Texas Blizzard 2007
Do Not Leave Your Home for Any Reason Or You Will DIE!!!!!
Hour 39 of the Terrible Freeze!
Little Children Making Depressing Mud and Sleet Snow Angels and Submitting Pictures of this to the News!

(I am obligated by my birthplace in a non-Southern clime to make fun of the puny little storms that shut the town down. Nevertheless, this did not prevent me from taking two vacation days in a row due to the "icy conditions keeping me from driving there." I am usually an honest person, but where my day job is concerned, I consider lying an honorable and healthy thing to do.)

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