Thursday, May 29, 2008

Don't be a fool, stay in school

They tell you no matter how much preparation you have, you will never be ready for your first year of teaching. After much research, I've narrowed down what I think it's going to be like to the following two scenarios:


Plop Blop said...

First of all, from now on I'm going to thank God every morning for allowing me never to have experienced a Boney M. grade school education. That shit is nightmare worthy. Secondly, why hasn't anyone made an HBO dramedy series entitled "Young Halens." There should at least be a cartoon or video game or something. Those cats are some cool sixth-graders. David Lee Roth could narrate.

Lynell said...

One way to ensure that your students like and respect you would be to wear something like that white suit on your first day of class. They'd know they had a teacher they could relate to you, you know.