Thursday, July 12, 2007

I give up

I was about 1/58 of the way through a post, but wisely gave up when I realized the topic I picked was enormously huge and unfathomable and suitable only as the basis for a fifty-volume memoir. What kind of idiot tries to do that all at once on his fourth drink of the night the night before the last day at his job? Whoo!

One thing I do want to salvage from that post is the phrase "the thing I love about teenagers is the simultaneous openness to everything and complete lack of quality control." To illustrate this point, allow me to mention some bands from my record collection, circa then:

Miles Davis
Spin Doctors
Guided By Voices
Better Than Ezra
Counting Crows
Alice in Chains
The Replacements
24-7 Spyz

To cut myself some slack, I grew up in a town of 1,500 people four hours from the nearest city with no access to MTV. But I'm still baffled. How could I be so wrong, and yet so right? (By this I mean, how could I like all these other bands, when the only one worth a damn is Spin Doctors?)

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Anonymous said...

it's weird how the spin doctors worm there way into a record collection. i have it to (and the scars to prove it). at the time, i was convinced i liked the guitar player's (erik schencker?) "tone." the extent to which i was kidding myself, we will never know. really though: truly, truly assy songs. maybe (easily?) the worst cd (in terms of karma, self-image, public image, embarassment factor) in a lifetime collection that also includes lawnmower deth ("oh crickey, it's lawnmover deth," Metalblade, 1990), glen danzig's black aria, soul asylum, and the soup dragons. the soul asylum album is worse, but the spin doctors feels worse. maybe that isn't fair. (at least i don't have collective soul which, inexplicably, early 20-somethings hold in veneration; i.e., were bummed when Crazy McShootemup had it as his Virginia Tech soundtrack.)