Monday, July 30, 2007

Buggin' out

About an hour ago, an enormous flying black-and-red-striped bug came from out of nowhere, flew toward my head, and landed on the computer. I ducked and ran out of the room, grabbed the flyswatter, and came back in to do battle. I was gone for two seconds, and the thing disappeared. I poked around for thirty minutes, trying to draw it out, but it seems to have exited as mysteriously as it entered. It looked like an exceedingly unfriendly, sting-happy kind of insect, and was the size of a Volvo or cruiserweight championship contender. I must remain on my guard all night in case it returns. I think I'll have some tequila with a couple squirts of Tabasco in it to sharpen my reflexes. Where is it?

(When I started writing this post, a tiny bug crawled out from under the keyboard and I smacked it with the flyswatter. At least I got to use it. It's always so unsatisfying when the flyswatter comes out and the bug goes away.)

UPDATE: At 1:33 a.m., I killed a large flying beetle. I think it was a different bug. This must be Insect Invasion Night.


Spacebeer said...

Maybe the bugs are attacking our apartment in retaliation for the Integrated Pest Management System I am implementing at work. Bugs hate to be managed.

Also, I hope you didn't break anything with that flyswatter. Usually when you get it out, something ends up needing some repair. And not just bugs.

Krouchdog said...

Maybe all the bugs in Texas have decided to become Africanized.

carrie said...

did it look anything like this? it's a red spider wasp that invaded my kitchen last month. that thing was SCARY!