Monday, April 02, 2007


Did you know that former astronaut Alan Bean was also a painter? This is one of his paintings, called (I shit you not) "America's Team: We're #1":

Here's another one, "Lunar High Five":

Seriously, though, astronauts are badasses.


Krouchdog said...

Whatever your feelings are about space travel and research, you have to admit that if you got shot into space, sailed to the Moon, landed on it, and then returned home safely, you would 1) want to talk about that shit all the time to everybody (or paint pictures of yourself doing it), and 2) strongly believe that you and your team are number 1.

Young Buck Invincible said...

The lunar soil (with boot prints) that underlies "Lunar High Five" made me soil myself with delight! I have so much respect for the astronaut with the gimpy left arm! Too get to the moon with such a tiny hand!

HELL YEAH! Astronauts are awesome. We gots to stop the wars and start jumping on some planets!