Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hall of Fame/Hall of Shame

Good and bad album covers from the Dr. Mystery music library

Hall of Shame #2: The Police - "Zenyatta Mondatta"
The Police were too busy rocking to come up with decent album covers (or album titles). Gaze into the shitty pyramid as Sting contemplates his future as a humorless twat. Andy Summers meets your gaze head-on, daring you to challenge the art direction and design of Michael Ross and Simon Ryan (I did not have this memorized. I looked at the liner notes. Please believe me.) Stewart Copeland, badass that he is, looks away, thinking only of the kickass drumming he will throw down later that afternoon.

Hall of Fame #2: Randy Newman - "Good Old Boys"


Joolie said...

Randy Newman makes Eric really, really angry for some reason, which cracks me up. I mean, it's just Randy Newman.

Dr. Mystery said...

Maybe if you win the caption contest, I'll make an all-Randy Newman mix CD. Then you can document his reaction when you play it. I've never seen Eric get angry, and am curious about what that looks like. Maybe I could institute a new weekly prank feature, When Nice Guys Get Mad.

Bright Eyes, Dave Matthews Band, and Blues Traveler make me really angry, and so do Devendra Banhart and Sufjan Stevens. It's kind of ridiculous. I need to learn how to just ignore them.

Bartleby said...

randy newman, somehow, is worse than bright eyes. bright eyes makes me angrier, but i still stand by the first sentence. it was not an easy sentence to type.

Dr. Mystery said...

I admit that Randy Newman has committed many musical atrocities, but I will stand by his 1970s output. Anyone else want to back me up? It's lonely on this island.

Young Buck Invincible said...

Shit, I will back you up. Just a couple of days before this posting me and the ninja argued about Randy's work. I say god bless Randy Newman. When the president talks to god, Randy Newman is there.

God bless Stewart Copeland's drumming too!

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kristykay said...

Good Old Boys is one of my favorite albums, and while I can't stand by every Randy Newman creation, I'll stand by that one.

But Henry Rollins? That guys a total douche. And don't tell me about how you like him in Black Flag or that his stupid talk show is actually good. I'm irrational about him and I don't want to hear it.

I'm trying to be a more positive person in general, so all my future negativity will be thrown upon Mr. Rollins.

Anonymous said...

just imagine if henry rollins and randy newman made an album together, with stewart copeland on drums.

that's synthesis, people. that's what having a conversation is all about. except when the president talks to god; that, my friends, is no sort of conversation at all.

casual ninja said...

i like that he is featured in teen wolf, because it is an absurd use of music for a sports sequence. aside from that, i have had almost no interaction with his body of work, yet support a surprisingly strong, disproportionate dislike for him.

Eric said...


casual ninja said...

so the teen wolf soundtrack doesn't really feature randy newman. it is this guy:

teen wolf AND moosecock? that guy knows how to get behind a project.

Anonymous said...

My word is law, and my Final Word is Ultimate Law, and I say this: Randy Newman is good and worthy of praise (yes, the 70's stuff and, yes, the new stuff). If you have a problem with this, the New Law Of Man, you can reevaluate your problems and point the fingers of woe away from Our Good Mr. Newman and toward, maybe, your parents who didn't love each other enough to properly nourish you.