Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Odds and ends

A few things to pass along:
Little Dr. Mystery remembers air-guitaring his ass off to this song. He doesn't remember ever seeing the video. Why is that? Fortunately, my sister emailed me the video this morning. The song was huge when Little Dr. Mystery was first becoming aware of the powers of rock and roll. It is incredibly easy to make fun of this video. I laughed my ass off, to be sure. However, I wish any rock band gave as much of a shit as this band does. The song may be laughable, but it doesn't suck as much as any Modest Mouse song. Try to argue with me. You will lose. In my book, giving a shit beats not giving a shit any day of the week.
I had something else funny to tell you, but I am possibly an alcoholic, (if you believe in the Bible) and I forgot.
One final thing:
I think vegetarians are complete scum, but if anyone told me I was eating a dog or a cat, I would start crying. Here is one way to help dogs this Fourth of July season (if you live in Austin):
he Town Lake Animal Shelter needs rawhide bones and chews to help keep the 300+ dogs in it's care calm on July 4th. The shelter, at 1156 Cesar Chavez, is very close to the city's fireworks show which causes a lot of stress to the dogs.

The shelter is asking for donations of natural rawhide treats of all shapes and sizes for the dogs before July 4th. For more info. call 972-4738.


kristykay said...

I can't decide which is funnier: invisible keyboard, keyboard mounted to the wall, or regular keyboard with fantastic silver stand.

Joolie said...

I do love Journey. Sort of.

"giving a shit beats not giving a shit any day of the week."

By that standard, the ranting city council meeting guy is probably the best person in the world!

Air Wolf said...

The word "modest" has no place in rock n roll. The word "Journey" however necessitates rolling and alludes to rocking.

"Mouse?" I thought I was going to see some of todays youths rebelling against the system. Instead I see timid rodents humming quietly in the dark.