Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Quality journalism

"Axl Rose is making his old Guns N' Roses band mates feel unwelcome to the jungle."
-- first line of an AP article about Axl Rose's lawsuit against Slash and Duff McKagan


Joolie said...

What an asshole. Any entertainment reporter worth her salt would have known to write, "His former Guns N' Roses bandmates are no sweet children o' Axl Rose."

Air Wolf said...

How about, "Axl Rose is taking his band mates to paradise city. Paradise City? I meant court."


"Axl Rose has an appetite for destruction...the destruction of his band mates wallets!"

"Where's Duff? In the motherfucking courtroom! Courtesy of Asshole Rose.

"Axl has run out of "Patience" and isn't going to "live and let die". He is taking his old band chums to court!"

"They once created a Spaghetti Incident. Now the only incident that brings these former band mates together is the legal kind."

I will only speak in GnRism's from now on. Or is that just another one of my "lies"

Bartleby said...

Wait, I got one:

"Axl Rose is making his old Guns N' Roses band mates feel unwelcome to the jungle."


Dr. Mystery said...

Axl Rose is going to be pretty tied up ... in court!

He used to love them...but he had to sue them!

Night Train? How about Night Court!

November Arraignment

Slash and Duff to Axl Rose: Back off court!

It's so go to court!

He's been litigating with Mr. Brownstone!

Chinese democracy? More like Chinese court!

Out to Get court!

Double talkin' jive ... in court!

Don't cry ... in court!

Right next door to court!

Knockin on Heaven's court!

Slash's snakepit...of allegations!

Velvet Revolver...I've got nothing for Velvet Revolver.