Sunday, May 13, 2012

The annotated Mercer Mayer

The drummer's all like, "Damn, saxophone player. A frog just jumped out of my snare drum and I know you are somehow responsible. This is insanity." The sax player's all like, "Hmm, well." The frog's all like, "Fuck yeeeeeeessss." The waiter doesn't give a damn about anything except carrying trays. The customers are all like, "I didn't spend 80 bucks for a bunch of nonsense." The trumpet player's all like, "Oh, my sides."

This has been the annotated Mercer Mayer. Join us next week for a special audio version of the annotated masters when the Human Beatbox takes on Kierkegaard.


Spacebeer said...

That frog is totally like "Fuck yeeeeeeessss," no doubt about it.

Gunther Cox said...

Looks like the frog wants a drink!