Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blogdom's biggest asshole

Goddamn it. I don't know what to do with this blog. The divorce post made my mother feel bad, and my last post made a friend feel bad (though we just cleared that up a few minutes ago), and I'm so tired of the way I write and what I've been writing about that I'm starting to feel like shutting this thing down or changing it into something else. My last post does look like I'm shitting on my friends who left comments, doesn't it? That wasn't at all my intention. I didn't even think of that until I was almost done writing it. That last post was about me and how tired I am of my stupid problems and my writing style and my present life and my strange need to share my personal problems with anyone who has an Internet connection.
So, in conclusion, I hate myself, I hate all of you, I never learn from my mistakes, and I love life. Go fuck yourself, everybody. Then give yourselves a hug, a compliment, and a warm cup of your favorite warm beverage. You deserve it.

Dr. Embarrassed


N L J K said...

I want to say all sorts of insightful, inspired, intuitive things, but that isn't working out, so I'll try this:
Don't sweat the collateral damage. Bitches gonna bitch, scrubs gonna stuff they briefs, and everybody you know is going to skim for a mention of themselves, just not while Dexter is on.

Mary P. said...

Eh, I wouldn't say your blogdom's biggest a-hole. It's your blog. Folks can read it, or not.

That's some good advice, what nljk said. You can't sweat the collateral damage.

But you know, if you've made some waves with people you care about, I think the best outcome can be to talk about it and through that you'll have a stronger relationship with that person. Or you won't. what do I know?

Spacebeer said...

On the plus side, I am enjoying this robo-tastic blog redesign, and you haven't alienated me yet, even after 11 and a half years of trying. xoxo

Anonymous said...

The new robot laser scared the shit out of me!

Mary Strong Jackson said...

Your mother felt bad if she sent you to school without a hat and you sneezed once when you came home. Write it, whatever it is. It is your words, your blog, your life.
New design!