Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?": The Missing Link Between Rio de Janeiro and Hibbing, Minnesota?

Brazilian musician and songwriter Jorge Ben took umbrage at Rod Stewart's 1978 disco-inspired hit, "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" and sued the rooster-haired Brit for plagiarizing his song "Taj Mahal." Listen to the two, and you hear a lot of similarities. Rod admitted he stole parts of the song and agreed to donate proceeds from the single to UNICEF to appease Ben. However, I accidentally stumbled upon another bit of Rod plagiarism from the same song when listening to a lot of Bob Dylan recently. A little organ vamp played by Al Kooper in the middle of "One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later)" that is only repeated once sounds, to me, like it has been stolen outright and used as a major part of "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?." Go to 2:59-3:08 on the Dylan video to hear it. I looked this up on the Internet and couldn't find anything. Surely someone else has noticed the similarity before.


Anonymous said...

i think this more or less
proves faceplant's case:

Anonymous said...

Ben Jor could have crucified that hack Stewart for such a massive melody heist. I guess that, when you're that awesome, you don't feel the need to grind up the phonies.

I'm tempted to give Rod a pass on the Dylan lick. It seems like the sort of lick that could occur coincidentally, but maybe he built the entire song on plagurized parts. He is a complete turd.

The real problem is that you have been listening for licks from "Do You Think I'm Sexy" while listening to other things.


Dr. Mystery said...

There was a brief window of time when Rod Stewart was actually awesome. The Faces are one of my favorite rock bands, and his first couple of solo albums are really good, then he decided to become completely worthless practically overnight and has never done anything of consequence since about 1972.