Wednesday, January 07, 2009

You have been challenged!!!!!

I was perusing the odds and ends in the fridge and liquor cabinet while considering what mixed drink to make, and I invented a drink that I think may be one of the most horrible intoxicants ever considered by anyone on a desperate night. So far, this drink only exists in my mind and has never been poured into a glass or consumed. My challenge to the five readers I have left after posting so infrequently is this: Make this drink, drink it, then post about it on your own blog, or, if you have no blog (loser), post about it in comment form under this post. I expect no one to take me up on this offer, but goddamn it all to hell, it's time for a meme that's not about something nobody gives 1/8 of a shit about. Whoo!

Sally Jesse Raphael's Last Night in Town
2 oz. tequila, preferably shitty tequila with not much agave that comes in a plastic container
6 oz. of low-fat buttermilk, brand of your choice
1 oz. ketchup

Drink tenderly and slowly, savoring each precious moment!


Anonymous said...

You're on. I am going to drink the living ba jesus out of this drink.

Joolie said...

Can I substitute eggnog? We have a bunch that expired yesterday and I'd hate to waste it.

Alisa H / Jake G said...

I read this out loud to Jake from across the apartment and he whimpered (although he finds the word whimpered to be too wussy and says that he shuddered...).

Does the buttermilk reflect her creamy white skin, and the ketchup her red eye glasses? (This is Jake's question from across the apartment. We have a small apartment).

Respectfully yours,