Friday, August 08, 2008

A poem entitled Selected YouTube Comments for Pavement's Video of "Range Life", aka Better than Anything Floyd Did After '74, Motherfucker

malkmus is bad at lip singing, but then again he rules all that is man :)

Billy Corgan sucks Malkmus's dick at being depressed

Why did they beeped out FUCK ?!? it's just a stupid word, how can a word be that bad that it's not allowed to be heard ?

Siamese Dream is a good album. Plus, Billy Corgan fucked Courtney Love, and they probably did a lot of heroin together. So, I like Corgan. Though, Pavement is probably my favorite band from the nineties.

song ends with a Squier riff. unstoppable.

I think pavement sounds simmular to the beatles great so what a happening

He means to live on the range...Out in the countryside. Away from the bullshit.

yeah you guys fucking rule,,how cool is visiting a pavement post for range life and talkin politics and terrorism,,rock and fucking roll dudes- trendy fuckin cocksuckers suck my retard vomit pussy cunt

Amazing...beautiful song...this is kinda random people but it really reminds me of travelling in Nepal aged 18 before this BASTARD "king" wormed his way in....respect to the Malkmus...............

I love Pavement. But, god, 90's clothes. Just... xD
reply: what do you wear?? - catsuit motherfucker

this is pavement isn't it?

thing is though... Stephen Malkmus said that he never dissed smashing pumpkins music... He just dissed there statement

I'm Robertson. Do you guys wanna hang? I got some beers and pizza at my house. I'm lonely.

This is awesome Pavement Rules!!!
Reply #1: Really, the band can't be considered as a whole so say "Pavement rule", if you see my point. You're refering to a single thing but it's made of several parts, i.e. band members.
Reply #2: why cant it be considered as a whole? Figure that out revolt guy
Reply #3: So, Would you say that a car "rule"? It's also a single thing made of several parts. If you talk about the sum of all parts then you say "Rules".

Good enough to almost be it
Who like music can't hear it
Pick your pockets full of sorrow
And run away with pavement tomorrow
Now seriously, both bands are such amazing, stop being such a pusy and get over it.

Better than any thing floyd did after '74 mother-fucker!
Reply: That is your opinion which is fair enough,why the need for the insults and expletives?

i would usually skip over this song on the cd. however once i started hearing the whole song, i immediately fell in love. the song now brings me solace.

This I dont get .. Ive heard better music. He doesnt have a tune to it


steigrrr said...

Poor, poor Robertson.

I was going to leave a comment, but I'm totally at a loss. So, inspired by my favorite comment "Why did they beeped out FUCK?" I just made my own poem out of each line in your lovely poem that contains profanity. Here is the result:

Billy Corgan sucks Malkmus's dick at being depressed.

Why did they beeped out FUCK?

Away from the bullshit, you guys fucking rule.

Trendy fuckin cocksuckers suck my retard vomit pussy cunt before this BASTARD king, catsuit motherfucker

Stop being such a pussy.

Better than anything floyd did after '74 mother-fucker!

this is pavement, isn't it?

Dr. Mystery said...

Nice work.