Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The humid press of days

What does everybody do now instead of posting blog entries? Listen to Bright Eyes? Eat lemon meringue pie? Start a be-in for peace? Tell off-color jokes to aging priests with drinking problems on bingo night? I've got nothing, and I've had nothing for weeks and weeks and weeks. I can't think of any Can-Smashing content. I've written a few posts on the movie thing, and there's always a couple movies to write about per month on the horror movie thing, but I feel pretty devoid of inspiration lately. There's so much fucking content in the world! Look how many episodes of Family Matters there are! I mean, Jesus, it's fucking unbelievable.

Aw jeez! Gimme a break!


joel said...

not to mention how many episodes of gimme a break!

lynell said...

You could go see 1981's "The Unseen" tonight at the Alamo. It features a monstrous baby-man in a diaper and Barbara Bach. I recommend it. Or watch the monstrous real estate developer on Bravo's "Flipping Out," recommended with reservations.

steigrrr said...

i haven't posted anything on my blog lately because i've taken up knitting. seriously. i can't stop. i was going to write a blog post about knitting, but then i started to teach myself the purl stitch and i got preoccupied.

the only other things that have almost inspired me to write lately are how difficult it is to shove an antibiotic pill down a cat's throat and the fact that yesterday's episode of the daily show was really funny. maybe i'll post that later.