Monday, December 11, 2006

Robots Behaving Badly, or Wrong Side of the Robo-Tracks


Dr. Mystery said...

Just in case it's too small for you to see on the page and too large when you click on it, we have:
1) One robot guzzling gin
2) Another robot pulling an Asian man in a rickshaw while smoking a considerable hand-rolled marijuana cigarette
3) Two robots engaged in a sex act with a robotic dog. One is receiving robo-pleasure orally while the other pushes on the robotic dog's head while pleasuring himself.
Stay away from there after dark, kids.

Joolie said...

Those darned robots. They truly have no shame.

kristykay said...

This explains all the giggling and scissor snipping sounds I kept hearing last night...

Mary P. from said...


contact chronicle books.

Thats all she wrote.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Man, I thought that was a robot tongue, not a doobie! And I thought those two robots were playing with the dog, or maybe catching it because it got off it's leash, not tossing robo-moneyshots onto it's grill.

It's just not like me to be so far off the mark on issues of this nature.

Anyways, do you want to do a mural on my living room wall (or maybe my dining room) in a couple weeks? I'll give you some beers.