Sunday, November 05, 2006

November caption contest

I was gently chastised last month for failing to explain the full rules of the contest. I admit to being lax about that in recent months, so here are the rules:
I put up a new photo on the fifth day of each month (since that's the day I happened to post the very first contest).
Leave a caption in comment form under the post to be entered.
The fifteenth of the month is the last day to enter.
On the sixteenth, I put all contest entrants' names in a cap and draw one winner at random.
The winner gets a compilation CD, made by me.
Last month's winner is ineligible the next month, but may enter again after that.

Good luck, contestants.


kristykay said...

A robotic Bill Clinton called me yesterday to remind me to vote, but what has Arsenio done for me lately? Where is the Arsenio-bot?

The Earl of Vallery said...

Bill Clinton beat the pants off of George Bush who, on the previous night, played an inspired rendition of Rose Royce's "Car Wash" on the picollo flute.

-- or --

Looks like that guy is giving that saxophone a lewinsky!!!
(get it! remember that whole thing!)

Air Wolf said...


Rustle.Destroyer said...

Next presidential election, it is speculated that Hilary Clinton will play the entire side A of Black Sabbath's Paranoid album live on the Jay Leno show. Hilary, an experienced guitarist, believes that throwing her guitar into her amp "Pete Townshend-style" at the end of her set will effectively secure the duality of rock-clout / political effectivity in America's voting subconscious.

Dr. Mystery said...

I'm going to add a caption of my own this time (but I will be ineligible):

Amos n' Andy 2000

Krouchdog said...

Bill Clinton on saxophone. Arsenio Hall on finger.

casual ninja said...

making sense of anti-lapel, double-wide teal suits since 1992.

conor-iknowi'mineligible-j said...

Did any of us truly realize the powers of Arsenio in the early '90's? The nation's unsuspecting eyes, fluttering into REM mode each night to the soothing voices of celebrity guests. The studio audience's voodoo chant, "hoo, hoo, hoo," building stirring the pot for Hall's magical spells. Here, Arsenio is pictured performing his true masterpiece (circa 1992), transforming the white male politician into a bad-ass brutha.


Anonymous said...

Blackula meets Arsenio Hall