Monday, October 31, 2005

I accidentally created a mashup the kids are so damn crazy about

I was listening to online while screwing around on myspace. com, and was playing Benny Goodman's "A Smo-o-oth One." I returned home to my page at some undetermined point in the song, and the theme song I have up on my page as of Oct. 30 (Gary Wilson's "Gary's in the Park") kicked on. I moved the mouse over to the stop button, but their tempos were exactly in synch and it sounded, if not good, at least pleasantly interesting. Accidents are nice if no one gets killed.


Air Wolf said...

How do I hear this so-called "mash-up"?
I love the Goodman, and after Craig introduced me to a Public Enemy/Blondie mash-up I even like the idea of mashing. Please kind sir direct me to this musical smoosherino.

Dr. Mystery said...

Unfortunately, this monster mash existed only on two separate web pages I had open that happened to play music simultaneously. It was a one-time only occurrence. I don't even know what point in the Goodman song the other song started playing, but the pieces fit. I think it's some kind of clue. An ugly girl in a brown sweater also thinks it's a clue, but a shaggy young man and a retarded talking dog are too scared to proceed. However, a sexy girl and a tall, blonde idiot are standing around doing nothing, so I'm going to take that as a gangs-away and discover a man wearing a monster mask in hopes of scaring away some financial competitor.