Wednesday, May 03, 2017

The days of old (Alf edition)

This post is dedicated to the boys from Robot Town
I was just at the 7-11 on my lunch hour, buying lottery tickets because that is what 2017 has done to this old soldier. The usually monotone, all-business clerk saw the Alf t-shirt worn by the young man in his early twenties in line ahead of me and said, with much enthusiasm, "Boy, what do YOU know about Alf? I used to LOVE Alf! I STILL love Alf!" The young man replied, "My mom showed me all the cool stuff from the '80s that I missed, like Alf." His tone was wistful, melancholy. He was genuinely saddened that he missed that time in our nation's history when Alf was a current television show but also glad he lived in a time when one's mother could stream episodes of Alf from the days of yore on today's current devices.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what the guy above me is talking about, but I love me that ALF 6day kid

Anonymous said...

be sure to read this at my funeral.


p.s. robot town reunion 2018. maybe: mission: Israel?